Food and Drink at the Play Cafe

We have a varied healthy menu with fresh homemade delights, ranging from baby puree to amazing cakes of the day. Another plus is our great coffee all savoured in a relaxing friendly environment.
Come and meet Betty, her wonderful cooking ensures happiness all round!


Hot Drinks

Cold Drinks

Tea: English Breakfast£1.50Orange Juice£1.00 / 50p
Herbal tea -
peppermint, green tea, forest fruits
£1.50Apple juice£1.00 / 50p
Hot chocolate£2.00Water £1.00
Americano or Espresso£1.50Smoothie or juice carton£1.50
Latte or Cappuccino£1.75Diet coke / coke£1.00 / 50p

Cakes & Treats

Homemade Cake of the Day£2.00
Caramel shortcake£2.00
Gingerbread Man£1.50

Wrap, Sandwich or Panini   £4.95

Served with salad & tortilla chips.

Mozzarella tomato and pesto
Tuna melt
Bacon and Egg
Chicken and Sweetcorn
Fish Fingers
Or Create Your Own ...
Egg Cucumber
Chicken Mayo
Egg Mayo
Tuna Mayo

Jacket Potatoes

Plain & butter£4.00
Beans and cheese£4.50
Tuna Mayo£5.00
Chicken Mayo£5.00

Summer Salads    £6.50

Chicken Salad
Egg and Tuna Salad
King Prawn Salad

Homemade Baby Puree

Homemade baby puree of the day
Choose smooth or lumpy!

Children’s & Babies

Adult portion +£2
Lunch bag: Ham or cheese, frube, quavers & fruit£4.00
Tuna penne pasta & sweetcorn£4.50
Creamy tomato & chicken pasta£4.50
Macaroni cheese£4.00
Penne & homemade hidden veg sauce£4.00
Chicken Nuggets & chips£4.00*
Sausage & chips£4.00*
Fish Fingers & Chips £4.00*
Omelette with cheese, ham & cue£4.50
*Choose from peas & sweetcorn or baked beans

NB All our food is cooked in an air frier, never deep fried.

Party Menu for Adults

Classic Sandwich Platter
Includes 20 quarters chicken, ham, cheese & pickle, tuna mayo, egg mayo
Meat sandwich platter
Includes 20 quarters pastrami, roast beef, chicken & bacon, ham
Fish sandwich platter
Includes 20 quarters salmon & cue, prawn mayo, tuna & sweetcorn
Wraps platter
Includes 15 pieces chicken & bacon, tuna & sweetcorn, southern chicken, falafel & humous, egg & cress
Sub rolls platter with a variety of fillings
Includes 15 pieces tuna crunch, ploughmans, ham & egg, chicken & bacon
Platter of assorted chicken drumsticks
Includes roast chicken & texas drumsticks & bbq chicken wings
Traditional snack platter
Includes scotch eggs, mini sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, mini pork pies ketchup pot
International snack selection
Includes veg samosas, chicken satay, spring rolls, onion bhajis, falafel bites
Cheese board
Includes brie, Somerset cheddar, cranberry cheddar,
blue cheese, goats cheese crackers & chutney
Crudites & dips platter
Mangetout, carrots, red & yellow peppers, baby corn, celery & dips
Fruit salad platter
Melon, strawberries, pineapple, mango, grapes (seasonal variation)
Juice package
Orange, apple, pineapple and grape
Mixed drinks package
A mixed assortment
24 cans of drinks, fizzy or bottled water
All coffee types available£1.75
Mocha & hot chocolate£2.00